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The Castle of Blackwood Moors is a text/graphic adventure game with RPG elements based on the book of the same name.  

You play the game by clicking and dragging your character around the screen to different locations.  Each locations has additional options or paths to choose from. Choose the right path, and find loot or useful information that will help you throughout the game.  Choose the incorrect path, and it could lead to danger and death.


You pick a skill before you start.  Each skill is useful in different parts of the Castle. Skill checks that are rolled throughout the adventure will be aided by certain skills.


You will encounter enemies around the castle you will have to fight.  Both player and enemy roll to hit. Ranged combat is possible if you find a ranged weapon and ammo.

Collecting Loot

You will find loot throughout the game that will help you with combat and progress through the story.


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